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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jul-2013Antagonistic Activity of Trichoderma Isolates on Pathogenic Fungi, Colletotrichum musae, Colletotrichum acutatum and Botryodiplodia theobromaeJanaththani, P.; Adikaram, N. K. B.; Sooriyapathirana, S. D. S. S.; Dhanapala, M. P. C. S.
10-Aug-1996Antifungal Compounds in Freckle-Infected Bananas and Their Role in Anthracnose DevelopmentAbayasekara, C. L; Adikaram, N. K. B.
10-Nov-2004Biology and Control of Leaf Rust in Plumeria SPP. Caused by Coleosporium SP.Weeraratne, T. P.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
2006Biology of Plumeria Leaf Rust Disease Caused by Coleosporium plumeriaeWeeraratne, T. P.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
10-Nov-2004Canker Disease of Psidium Guajava L. Caused by Pestalotiopsis Psidii and Host Defencive ResponsesBandaranayake, B. M. R. P.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
10-Nov-2004Changes in pH Following Freckle Infection (Phyllosticta Musarum) as a Defense Response Against AnthracnoseWeerakoon, A. U.; Adikaram, N. K. B.; Abeysekara, C. L.
10-Nov-2005The Effect of Soil Potassium on Postharvest Fungal Diseases of BananaWeerakoon, W. R. W. M. A. U.; Abayasekara, C. L.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
4-Jul-2014Effect Root Extract of Pongamia Pinnata on Biofilm Formation of Candida SPPKanatiwela, D. K.; Parahitiyawa, N. B.; Abayasekara, C. L.; Adikaram, N. K. B.; Panagoda, G. J.
10-Nov-2005Induced Defense Reponses in Unripe Mango Following Collestotrichum Gloeosporiodes Infection and Treatment with Chemical ElicitorsKarunanayake, K. O. L. C.; Adikaram, N. K. B.; Abayasekara, C. L.
10-Nov-2005Induction of Chitinase and Phenolics in Banana CV. Embul in Response to Phyllosticta Musarum Infection and Elicitors of Induced Defence ResponsesWanigasekara, U. W. N. P.; Adikaram, N. K. B.; Abeyasekara, C. L.
30-Oct-2002Induction of Cold Tolerance of PineApple (Ananas Comosus) CV. Mauritius Using Heat Shock Treatment Followed by Modified Atmsphere StorageWeerahewa, D.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
20-Nov-1999Induction of Resistance in Aubergenes (Solanum Melongena L.) Against Infection by Collectotrichum Capsici, Using a Weak pathogenMahendranathan, C.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
2007Influence of Trichoderma Harzianum Metabolites on the Development of Green Mould Disease in the Oyster MushroomJayalal, R. G. U.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
10-Nov-2005Investigating of Defence Mechanisms in relation to Stem-End Rot Disease of MangoDamunupola, J. W.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
4-Jul-2013In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Leaf Exreacts of Magifera zeylanicaDhanarisi, H. K. J.; Jayatilake, J. A. M. S.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
22-Nov-1997A new wood rot in the upcountry tea plantationsBalasuriya, A.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
2009Occurrence of Leaf Blotch Disease (Botryosphaeria sp. ) in Ficus religiosa in Sri LankaMaharachchikumbura, S. S. N.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
2009A Phenetic Analysis of Cllectotrichum Gloesporioides Isolates from Selected Host PlantsGunawardhana, P. L. T.; Senevirathna, A. M. W. K.; Adikaram, N. K. B.; Yakandawala, D. M. D.
20-Nov-1999Postharvest heat-Shock redices Internal Browning of Pineapple cv. 'Mauritius' and 'Kew' During Cold StorageWeerahewa, D.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
20-Nov-1999Present Status of Forest Die-Back in the Horton Plains National ParkMahaliyanage, T. D.; Weerasooriya, A.; Adikaram, N. K. B.
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