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22-Nov-1997Association between hyperhomocysteinaemia and ischaemic heart disease in Sri LankaMendis, Shanthi; Athauda, S. B. P.; Kenji, T.
4-Jul-2013Bioactive Compounds in Trigonella foenum-graecum L. seeds with Pancreatic Amylase and Lipase Inhibitory ActivitiesFernando, W. I. T.; Perera, H. K. I.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Kumar, N. S.; Jayasinghe, U. L. B.; Sivakanesan, R.
7-Nov-1998Bovine Beta-lactoglobulin: the Role in Cow Milk Allegry of InfantsHoradagoda, A.; Hemamala, I. K.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Wijekoon, A.
20-Nov-1999Bovine Beta-Lactoglobulin: The Role in Cow Milk Allergy in InfantsHoradagoda, A; Hemamala, H. G. I. K.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Wijekoon, A.
20-Nov-1999Characterization of Aspartic Proteinase Inhibitor from Spondias PinnataKumari, H. M. P. S.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Perera, P. A. J.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Takaashashi, Kenji
30-Nov-2006Electrocardiographic And Echocardiographic Abnormalities In Patients With Acute Organophosphate Poisoning: An Observational StudyWickramanayake, H. B. P. W.; Godavithanage, S.; Basnayake, B. M. P. K. D.; Rathnayake, R. M. G. M. V.; Jayalath, W. A. T. A.; Kularathne, S. A. M.; Kularathne, K.; Kumarasiri, P. V. R.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Goonasekara, C. D. A.
30-Oct-2002Identification of Organophosphorous (OP) Compounds in the Vomitus of op Intoxicated Patients & investigation of Organ Specific Biochemical Changes Following Acute op PoisoningWijerathna, S. R.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Perera, P. A. J.; Senanayake, N.
3-Dec-2009Isolatinand Charaterization of Lallikrein -Like Enzyme from Russell,s Viper VenomBandaranayaka, B. M. A. I. K.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Ranasinghe, J. G. S.; Moriyama, A.
30-Nov-2006Isolation and Characterization of Proteolytic Enzymes of Toxocara Canis Infective Larvae In-VitroJayananda, Y. L. P.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Rajapakse, R. P. V. J.
20-Nov-1999Isolation and Purification of Two Acid Proteinases From Porcine Ovarian TissuesPerera, H. K. I.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Fernando, P. H. P.
20-Nov-1999Isolation, Purification and Characterisation of Clinically Important Proteinases of Filarial Parasite Seteria DigitataJayaratne, H. G. U. P.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Perera, P. A. J.; Takahshi, Kenji
20-Nov-1999Partial Purification of Aspartic Proteinase Inhibitor/s from Tarena AsiaticaJayasundera, D.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Ramanayake, C.; Perera, P. A. J.
3-Dec-2009Practical Purification and Characterization of an Acid Phosphatase from the Pitcher Fluid of Nepenthes DistillatoriaUdawatte, D. J.; Koswatta, I; Athauda, S. B. P.; Rajapakse, S.
3-Dec-2009Practical Purification and Charactrization of Serine Protease Inhibitors from the Seeds Of Endemic Wild Legume Dialium ovoiddeumUdayanga, S. D.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Samaraweera, P.; Rajapakse, S.
4-Jul-2013Presence of Multiple aspartic Proteinases in Porcine Ovarian ExtractsPerera, H. K. I.; Fernando, P. H. P.; Athauda, S. B. P.
20-Nov-1999Purification and Characterization of a Major Acid Proteinase from Nepenthes Distillatoria (Bandura)Rajapakse, R. G. S. C.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Dharmaratne, H. R. W.; Takahashi, Kenji
23-Oct-2003Rsisetance of Betalactoglobulin to Pepsin and Hypersensitivity Cow's Milk in InfantsParanagama, M. P.; Horadagoda, A.; Perera, N. A. N. D.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Wijekoon, A.
10-Nov-2004A Study on Cardiotoxin of Sri Lankan CobraRanasinghe, J. G. S.; Suzuki, M.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Perera, P. A. J.; Moriyama, A.
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18


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