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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Nov-2004Action of 1,2,3-Triketohydrindene Hydrate (NINHYDRINE) on Superoxide Anion Scavenging in Aprotic SolventsHerath, H. M. A. M. C.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Karunaratne, V.
4-Jul-2014Antimicrobial Activitiy of Schumacheria Angustifolia and Schumacheria CastaneifoliaJabar, S.; Bandara, C. J.; Bandara, B. M. R.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Karunaratne, V.; Rajapakse, S.; Wijesundara, D. S. A.
3-Dec-2009Avidence for an Adulteration of Milk Fat of Imported milk Poweder Varieties by Adding non-Dairy Fat SourcesJayasooriya, L. J. P. A. P.; Wanniarachchi, S. C.; Silva, M. S. W. De; Bandara, K. M. W.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Prathapasinghe, G. A.; Jayasinghe, C. V. L; Perera, A. N. F.
20-Nov-1999Characterization of Aspartic Proteinase Inhibitor from Spondias PinnataKumari, H. M. P. S.; Athauda, S. B. P.; Perera, P. A. J.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Takaashashi, Kenji
16-Nov-2001Electrochemcial Detection of Superoxide Radical AnionHerath, H. M. A. M. C.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Karunaratne, V.
30-Oct-2002Ethnoforestry Practices in the Context of Resource Management and Livelihood SecurityWickramasinghe, A.
4-Jul-2014Genus Schumacheria: Bioacitivity and ChemistryBandara, C. J.; Bandara, B. M. R.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Karunaratne, D. N.; Karunaratne, V.; Wijesundara, D. S. A.
4-Jul-2014Morphological Characterization and DNA Fingerprinting Reveal Three Distinct Species in Genus Schumacheria Sp.Kasthuriarachchi, V. D. W.; Sooriyapathirana, S. D. S. S.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Bandara, R. M. C. J.; Bandara, B. M. R.; Karunaratne, V.; Wijesundara, D. S.; Rajapakse, R. G. S. C.
30-Nov-2006Mosquitoe Larvicidal Activity of Some Endemic Annonaceae PlantsPuvanendran, S.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Karunaratne, V.
30-Oct-2002Photoindu Intramolecular and Intermolecular Electrontransfer of 5, 10, 15, 20-Tetra-4 (N-Pentylpyridyl) PorphyrinHerath, H. M. A. M. C.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Karunarathne, V.
23-Oct-2003Phototoxiicity of Porohyrin Derivatves on 4th Instar Larvae of Aedes Aegypti, Culex Quinqefasciatus and some Selected Freshwater FaunaWeerasinghe, W. A. S. M. D.; Karunaratne, S. H. P. P.; Amerasinghe, P. H.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Karunaratne, N. L. V. V.
16-Nov-2001Porphyrin Derivatives as Mosquito Photopesticides: A Novel Approach to Control Aedes Aegypti, Vectro of dengue FeverAmerasinghe, P. H.; Karunaratne, V.; Karunaratne, S. H. P. P.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Samarasinghe, D.; Disanayake, N.
4-Jul-2014Reversible Vapochromic Properties of Spiropyrans Towards Phenol Vapour in Solid StateLakmali, U. G. R.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Hettiarachchi, C. V.
23-Oct-2003Synthesis, Charaterization and Electrochemical Investigation of Porphyrin-Based Photoinduced Electron TransferHerath, H. M. A. M. C.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Karunaratne, V.
16-Nov-2001Synthesis of Black Beetle Aggregation PheromoneWickramasinghe, A.; Vicente, G. M.
4-Jul-2013Total Polyphenol Content and Antimicrobial Activity of Schumacheria castaneifoliaBandara, R. M. C. J.; Alahakoon, A. M. C. S. B.; Bandara, B. M. R.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Karunaratne, N.; Karunaratne, V.; Rajapakse, R. G. S. C.; Wijesundara, D. S. A.
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16


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