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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jul-2014Fabrication of Quasi-Solid-State Electrolyte for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Fumed Silica as the Gelling AgentSenevirathne, A. M. C.; Seneviratne, V. A.; Ileperuma, O. A.; Bandara, H. M. N.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.
7-Nov-1998Factors Affecting the Conductivity of Surface Immobilised PolyanilineWickramanayake, D. K. W. W. M. S.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.
4-Jul-2014Flame-Retardant and Anticorrosive Surface Coatings of Polyaniline/Magnesium Hydroxide Nanocomposites Preparded from DolomiteBandara, G. M. C. R.; Senarathna, K. G. C.; Mantilaka, M. M. M. G. P. G.; Karunaratne, D. G. G. P.; Pitawala, H. M. T. G. A.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.
4-Jul-2014Gel-Polymer-Liquid Composite Electrolyte System for Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsJayaweera, E. N.; Ranasinghe, C. S. K.; Kumara, G. R. A.; Wanninayake, W. M. N. M. B.; Senarathna, K. G. C.; Tennakone, K.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.
3-Dec-2009Green Preparation of Acetamino[hen from the Clay- Catalysed |Reaction of 4-Aminophenol and Actic AnhydrideWijeratne, S.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Bandara, B. M. R.
4-Jul-2014Growth of Various Nanoarchitecture of F-Doped Tin Oxide in the Atomized Spray Pyrolytic Deposition on Glass Surfaces: A Study of The Mechanism of GrowthRajapakse, R. M. G.; Liyanage, D.; Jayaweera, P. V. V.; Premalal, E. V. A.; Mohan, V. M.; Bandara, H. M. N.; Shimomura, M.; Murakami, K.
4-Jul-2014Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Degradation of Toluene; VOC Pollutant in Indoor Air at the Gas-Solid Interface of N-TiO2 Photocatalysis on a Static EnvironmentKannangara, Y. Y.; Wijesena, R.; De Silva, K. M. N.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.
10-Nov-2005In Situ Spontaneous Polymerization of Pyrrole in Cupric Ion Exchanged MontmorilloniteKrishantha, D. M. M.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Tennakoon, D. T. B.; Bandara, W. M. A. T.
16-Nov-2001Intercalation of Conducting Polymers Within Layered MaterialsManoratne, C. H.; Krishantha, D. M. M.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Perera, J. S. H. Q.; Tennakoon, D. T. B.; Dissanayake, M. A. K. L.
20-Nov-1999Investigation of the Applicability of Conducting Polymers for the Fabrication of Novel Liquid Cristal Display DevicesChandani, A. D. I.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Sajeewani, W. S. T.
4-Jul-2014Investigation of the Effects of Electrolyte Additive in a Quasi-Solid-State Electrolyte for SnO2/CaCO3-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Sensitized By Indoline D358 DyeWanninayake, W. M. N. M. B.; Premaratne, K.; Kumara, G. R. A.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.
23-Oct-2003Mechanism of Intercalation of Poly(Ethylene Oxide) in Bentonite ClayDissanayake, M. A. K. L.; Tennakoon, D. T. B.; Perera, J. S. H. Q.; Bandara, W. M. A. T.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Manoratne, C. H.
7-Nov-1998Novel Gas Sensors Based on PolyanilinePremasiri, H. D. S.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Bandara, H. M. N.; Tennakoon, D. T. B.; Perera, J. S. H. Q.
30-Oct-2002Photoindu Intramolecular and Intermolecular Electrontransfer of 5, 10, 15, 20-Tetra-4 (N-Pentylpyridyl) PorphyrinHerath, H. M. A. M. C.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Wickramasinghe, A.; Karunarathne, V.
4-Jul-2013Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cotton Fabrics Pre-Treated With Nano-SilverPerera, W. P. S. K.; Bandara, B. M. R.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Karunaratne, L.
3-Jan-2009Preparation and Characterization of monomeric and polymeric Ni-Cyclam Ethylenedioxythiophene ComplexVelauthamurty, K.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Higgins, Simon J.; Bandara, H. M. N.
30-Nov-2006Preparation, Characterisation and Mechanical Properties of Montmorillonite Polyaniline NanocompositesSoundararajah, Q. Y.; Karunaratne, B. S. B.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.
4-Jul-2014Preparation of Fluoride-Doped Tin Oxide Thin Films Using Atomized Spray Pyrolytic DepositionRanasinghe, C. S. K.; Jayaweera, E. N.; Kumara, G. R. A.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Bandara, H. M. N.; Okuya, M.
4-Jul-2014Stearic Acid-Coated Calcium Carbonate Nanocrystallites from DolomiteMantilaka, M. M. M. G. P. G.; Pitawala, H. M. T. G. A.; Karunaratne, D. G. G. P.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.
4-Jul-2013Studies on the Solid State Photochromic Properties of a Fulgide Mixed CrystalWeerasekara, W. M. A. W. R. K.; Hettiarachchi, C. V.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.
Showing results 14 to 33 of 38
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